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Processing Queue

Since we are currently processing the photos manually, it may take several weeks (especially during summer on the northern hemisphere) until your photos will be available on our Web site. We therefore set up a processing queue which shows you what's currently going on with your photos.


Submission Date Contributor Region or Country Covered State
2010-02-28 Hans Lohninger Oman available since 2009-03-03
2009-05-24 Hans Lohninger Paris available since 2009-06-11
2008-10-28 Gertraud Jerlich Turkey available since 2009-03-24
2008-10-20 Michael Luger Helgoland (Germany) available since 2009-02-23
2008-10-01 Karin Todeschini and
Gertraud Jerlich
Bretagne (France) available since 2009-02-02
2008-08-30 Hans Lohninger Dubrovnik (Croatia) available since 2008-12-03
2008-04-14 Hans Lohninger London (United Kingdom) available since 2008-04-18
2008-03-10 Barbara Sechser India submitted
2007-12-15 Maria Oppitz Morocco available since 2008-11-29
2007-11-28 Hans Lohninger and
Agnes Ratzinger
Sal (Cabo Verde) available since 2007-12-02
2007-11-28 Hans Lohninger and
Agnes Ratzinger
Fogo (Cabo Verde) available since 2007-12-04
2007-09-30 Christine Brunner Iceland submitted
2007-09-05 Florian Demel Bali submitted
2007-09-23 Arnold C. Sancover Cebu (Philippines) available since 2007-09-27
2007-08-20 Michael Luger Kruger National Park (South Africa) available since 2008-03-20
2007-08-19 Hans Lohninger La Palma (Spain) available since 2007-08-23
2007-08-04 Agnes Ratzinger Upper Austria/Dachstein massif available since 2007-08-06
2007-07-20 Alexander Lohninger Venice (Italy) available since 2007-09-05
2007-07-12 Ihor Patsay L'viv (Ukraine) available since 2007-10-07
2007-05-31 Karin Todeschini and
Gertraud Jerlich
Auvergne (France) available since 2008-02-17
2007-05-31 Jutta Jerlich Florida (USA) submitted
2007-05-17 Christine Brunner Tuscany submitted
2007-04-07 Alexander Brunner Scotland submitted, being currently processed
2007-04-07 Alexander Brunner Edinburgh available since 2007-11-01
2007-04-02 Christian Hofbauer Hong Kong (China) available since 2007-10-07
2007-03-01 Hans Lohninger Upper Austria available since 2007-04-13
2007-02-05 Elisabeth Lohninger Praslin (Seychelles) available since 2007-03-22
2007-02-05 Elisabeth Lohninger Mahé (Seychelles) available since 2007-03-19
2007-02-05 Elisabeth Lohninger La Digue (Seychelles) available since 2007-03-13
2007-01-30 David Bolius Swiss Cities submitted
2007-01-15 Andreas Brunner Krakau (Poland) submitted, being currently processed
2006-12-28 Christian Hofbauer San Francisco (USA) available since 2007-02-12
2006-12-28 Christian Hofbauer Kauai (Hawaii/USA) available since 2008-04-03
2006-12-28 Christian Hofbauer Oahu (Hawaii/USA) available since 2008-04-05
2006-08-23 David Bolius Swiss Alps (Switzerland) available since 2007-02-23
2006-08-23 David Bolius Northern Spain submitted
2006-08-23 David Bolius South Western France submitted
2006-08-22 Hans Lohninger Gibraltar (UK) available since 2006-09-03
2006-08-22 Hans Lohninger Costa del Sol (Spain) available since 2006-08-29
2006-07-13 Bettina Feiertag and
Hans Lohninger
Rome (Italy) available since 2006-07-25
2006-06-10 Hans Lohninger Dornbirn (Austria) available since 2006-06-14
2006-05-10 Hans Lohninger Heidelberg (Germany) available since 2006-07-05
2005-12-12 Hans Lohninger Lower Austria (Austria) available since 2006-03-04
2005-09-10 David Bolius Kalymnos (Greece) available since 2006-08-28
2005-08-22 Claudia Kerner and
David Bolius
Tuscany (Italy) available since 2005-09-19
2005-07-30 Berhard Lendl and
Hans Lohninger
Stockholm (Sweden) available since 2005-08-12
2005-02-10 Hans Lohninger Berchtesgadner Land (Germany/Austria) available since 2005-02-15
2005-01-11 Bernhard Lendl Guatemala available since 2005-06-19
2004-11-29 Christian Hofbauer Gran Canaria (Spain) available since 2005-04-13
2004-10-04 Hans Lohninger Djerba (Tunisia) available since 2005-10-26
2004-10-04 Hans Lohninger Vienna (Austria) available since 2006-09-21
2004-09-24 David Bolius Corse (France) available since 2004-10-05
2004-09-24 David Bolius Klewenalp (Switzerland) available since 2004-10-24
2004-09-08 David Bolius Chamonix/Mont Blanc (France) available since 2004-12-16
2004-08-23 David Bolius Berner Oberland (Switzerland) available since 2005-04-16
2004-08-10 Gabie Berger Central Mongolia available since 2005-01-04
2004-08-01 Hans Lohninger Algarve (Portugal, Europe) available since 2004-08-09
2004-06-12 David Bolius Argentina, South America, Glacier Research Expedition available since 2004-08-21
2004-06-08 Hans Lohninger Tenerife (Spain, Europe) available since 2004-09-25
2004-06-02 Hans Lohninger Island of Gozo (Malta, Europe) available since 2004-06-10