Absolute Photos - Switzerland / Klewenalp

The area of Lake Lucerne ("Vierwaldstätter See" in German) is the birthplace of Switzerland. It was here that the Swiss Confederation was born in 1291. Hiking tours in this area are especially attractive due to the wonderful scenery with many lakes embedded between high mountains.

On the other hand you can easily go up to the high meadows by taking one of several cable cars. One particular tour which resulted in the photos shown here at PhotoGlobe started at Beckenried, taking the cable car up to Klewenalp (the German word "Alp" or "Alm" means high meadows) and walking for several hours across the mountains of this area.

If you are planning to visit Klewenalp you may be interested in having a quick look at several photos of Klewenalp. Click on the links below to view the pictures. We have taken any attempt to provide exact (GPS-based) coordinates of the positions where the photos have been taken.
Klewenalp | View to Klewenalp | On the way to Hinterjochli | Klewenalp and Lake Lucerne | Clariden from Hinterjochli | Brunnistock | View from Hinterjochli to the south-east. | View of Brisen | Brunnigstock and Wissigstock | Lake Lucerne | Ridge to Brisen | Descent to Gitschenen

Here you see the area around Vierwaldstätter See from space.
Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.