Photos - Upper Austria (Austria) 

Upper Austria is one of nine states of Austria covering an area of roughly 12000 km2. It borders on Germany and the Czech Republic and offers a wide variety of land forms - from flat basins in its center between Wels and Linz, to gentle hills in the north, to high und rugged mountain ranges in the south. Especially the south-western part of Upper Austria called Salzkammergut is well known for its pristine lakes.

If you are planning to visit Upper Austria you may be interested in having a quick look at several photos of Upper Austria and its surroundings. Click on the links below to view the pictures. We have taken any attempt to provide exact (GPS-based) coordinates of the positions where the photos have been taken.
Hochlecken - Attersee - Southern Part of Attersee - Church of Vöcklamarkt - Landscape Near Vöcklamarkt - Schafberg and Tennengebirge - Balloon - Landscape near Pfaffing - Hochlecken seen from Mondsee - Mondsee and Drachenwand - Mondsee - St. Georgen im Attergau - The Confluence of Steyr and Enns - Historic Center of Steyr - The Market Square of Steyr - Vöcklamarkt in the Morning Sun - Traunsee seen from Gmundner Berg - Gmunden - Traunsee and Traunstein - The River Traun at the Outlet of Lake Traunsee - Church of Vöcklamarkt - Weissenbach - Nixenfall - Mouth of Weissenbach at Attersee - Unterach - Hochlecken and Brennerin - Schafberg in the Morning Sun - St. Georgen and Höllengebirge - Alpenvorland in the Morning Sun - Attersee and Gahberg - Attersee - Kronberg - Lake Attersee seen from Kronberg - Watzmann, Hochkalter and Untersberg - Dachstein and Schafberg seen from Lichtenberg - Lake Attersee seen from Lichtenberg - Attersee and Traunstein - Höllengebirge and Attersee - Dachstein seen from Lichtenberg - Faistenauer Schafberg and Hochkönig - Untersberg and Kolomannsberg - Traunstein - Vorderer Gosausee - Gosaukamm - Gosaustausee - Zwieselalm and Lammertal - Tennengebirge - Rötelstein - Bischofsmütze - Hofpürglhütte - Reißgangscharte - Großglockner and Großvenediger - Vorderer Gosausee - Hoher Dachstein and Großer Gosaugletscher - Großer Gosaugletscher - Hinterer and Vorderer Gosausee - Hinterer Gosausee - Parish Church of Wels - Stadtplatz and Parish Church of Wels - Ledererturm in Wels - Town Hall of Wels - Water Tower - Historic Center of Wels - Historic Center of Wels - Castle of Wels - House of Salome Alt - Traunfall - Danube at Schlögen - Castle of Marsbach - Monastery Engelzell seen from Penzenstein - Engelhartszell and the Danube - Danube at Schlögen - Castle of Marsbach - Monastery Engelzell seen from Penzenstein - Parish Church of Engelhartszell - Border between Austria and Germany - Monastery Engelszell - Engelhartszell and the Danube - Hydroelectric Power Plant Jochenstein - Hydroelectric Power Plant Jochenstein

Here you see Austria from space. The area of Upper Austria is highlighted in yellow color. Image courtesy of Earth
Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.