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About PhotoGlobe

PhotoGlobe is a private initiative founded by me, Hans Lohninger. I have the vision that the planet earth should have a place in the Web where people can go to and virtually visit any point of the globe, for free and just for fun and education. Thus I talked to many friends telling them my idea. Most of them are excited, some of them being sceptic about the feasibility of this ambitious project. A few friends are so enthusiastic about the project, that they offered their help. So we decided to try it.

As of May 2004, when we started the project, I am not sure whether we can succeed, given the fact that the earth has about 150 million square kilometers of land (if we receive a photo every 100 kilometers we would end up with 15000 photos). And it's clear to us that touristic areas will be covered more densely, while remote areas won't yield too many photos.

Anyway, let's try it! Thus I invite you to participate and submit photos or work together with us as an editor.

Kind Regards,

      Hans Lohninger

Can I contribute my photos?

Yes, sure! We are happy to receive photos (see above). Further information on the submission process can be found here.

How is PhotoGlobe funded?

It's clear: a project like PhotoGlobe requires funding. The budget for operating the PhotoGlobe Web site comes from several sources:

  • We have found a generous sponsor, Epina GmbH, Austria, who is providing the necessary Web space on their servers and who is supporting us by providing expertise and (occasionally) man power. Thanks to the Epina people!
  • All but the table of contents pages display ads related to the topics (discreet text-only ads, currently provided by Google).
  • Last but not least, the most important part of funding comes from the many hours of work done by our team, all of them working for the project in their leisure time.


In the case you need to contact us, please send an email to

Personal remark by Hans Lohninger:

Please be aware of the fact that I receive (due to my many activities) about 100 emails per day. Although I try to read all mails, I am definitely not able to reply to every mail. So please refrain from sending an email unless you are 100% sure that you need my personal attention.

For the submission of photos please click here.