Photos - Djerba (Tunisia) 

Djerba is a flat island (614, highest elevation 55 m) situated east of the southern coast of Tunesia about 100 km north of the Libyan border. Djerba is connected to the mainland by a 6 km causeway built on a Roman foundation. The approx. 150,000 inhabitants of this island of mythology are mostly of Berber origin.

Djerba has suffered from an uncounted number of invasions (Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Norman, Italians, French, Spanish, etc), the most recent one being the invasion of tourists. Tourism has become the principal source of income, before fishing, farming, pottery and the weaving of wool. Despite the boom of tourism, Djerba has kept its flair which you can experience if you are avoiding the beaches and going into the island.

If you are planning to visit Djerba you may be interested in having a quick look at several photos of Djerba and the neighboring Tunisian mainland. Click on the links at the right to view the pictures. We have taken any attempt to provide exact (GPS-based) coordinates of the positions where the photos have been taken.

Here you see Djerba from space. Image courtesy of Earth
Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.
Plage de Sidi Mahrès - Camels at Djerba Beach - Beach at Djerba - Market Place at Houmt Souk - Harbour of Houmt Souk - Carpet Maker in Houmt Souk - Market in Houmt Souk - Place in Houmt Souk - Market at Houmt Souk - Auction at the Fish Market at Houmt Souk - Catholic Church in Houmt Souk - Flamingos east of Houmt Souk - Beach near Djerba Plaza Hotel - Olive Trees in South Tunisia - Roman Embankment between Djerba and Tunisia - Bordj Kastil seen from Tunisia - Palm and Olive Trees in South Djerba - Pottery Museum at Guellala - Pottery Museum at Guellala - Hibiscus at the Djerba Plaza Hotel - Interiors of Synagogue at La Ghriba - Interiors of Synagogue at La Ghriba - Interiors of Synagogue at La Ghriba - Beach near Sidi Mahres - Beach near Sidi Mahres - Bordj Djillidj - Sebkha de Sidi Garous - Hotel Complex near Ras Tourgueness - Plage de la Seguia - Blossoming Almond Tree - Tunisian Coast near Djerba - Mountains between Tounine and Beni Zelten - Mountains between Tounine and Beni Zelten - Mountains between Tounine and Beni Zelten - Beni Zelten - Mountains between Matmata and Matmata Nouvelle - Mountains near Matmata - Mountains near Matmata - Troglodyte Houses of Matmata. - Berber Tent - River in the Mountains near Matmata - Highlands near Matmata - Toujane - Toujane - "Gas Station" near Medenine