Photos - Paris (France) 

Paris, the capital of France, is with its 11 million inhabitants the most populated metropolitan area in Europe. An important settlement for more than 2000 years, Paris is today one of the world's leading business and cultural centers. Greater Paris (Île-de-France) produces about a quarter of the gross domestic product of France. Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with 45 million tourists every year in the Paris Region.

If you are planning to visit Paris you may be interested in having a quick look at several photos of it. Click on the links below to view the pictures. We have taken any attempt to provide exact (GPS-based) coordinates of the positions where the photos have been taken.
Here you see Paris from space. Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.
Notre-Dame de Paris - Notre-Dame de Paris - Notre-Dame seen from the Seine Banks - Notre-Dame seen from Place de la Concorde - Louvre seen from the River Seine - Palais du Louvre - Glass Pyramid of Ieoh Ming Pei - Inverted Pyramid (Carrousel du Louvre) - Palais Royal - Park of the Palais Royal - Conciergerie - Pont Neuf - Musée d'Orsay - Institut de France - Saint Germain l'Auxerrois - Hôtel de Crillon and French Naval Ministry - Hôtel de Ville - Sacré-Coeur seen from Musée d'Orsay - Sacré-Coeur - Southwestern Part as seen from Montmatre - Road in Montmatre - Palais Garnier seen from Montmatre - Obelisk at Place de la Concorde - Passerelle Debilly - Arc de Triomphe - Arc de Triomphe seen from Grande Arche - Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel - Avenue des Champs-Élysées - Place des Vosges - Arcades at the Place des Vosges - Half-Timbered House - Saint Étienne du Mont - Pantheon - Foucault Pendulum in the Pantheon - Jardin du Luxembourg - La Fontaine Médicis - St. Eustache de Paris - Centre Pompidou - Saint-Jacques Tower seen from Centre Pompidou - Palais Brongniart - Les Invalides - Dôme des Invalides - École Militaire - Eiffel Tower seen from Place du Trocadéro - École Militaire seen through the Basement of Eiffel Tower - Eiffel Tower - Eiffel Tower seen from Below - Looking Down from Eiffel Tower - Palais de Chaillot - The River Seine - Grand Palais seen from Eiffel Tower - Dôme des Invalides seen from Eiffel Tower - Basilique Saint-Denis - La Défense and the Western Part of the City - La Défense seen from Eiffel Tower - Grande Arche - La Défense seen from Grande Arche - The Entrance of the Palace in Versailles - Versailles/Hall of Mirrors - The Park of Versailles - The Palace of Versailles