Photos - Algarve (Portugal) 

The Algarve is the southern most province of Portugal, having an area of about 5.400 km2 with approx. 400,000 inhabitants. The number of inhabitants doubles every summer, when lots of tourists are visiting this region of Portugal. Its administrative centre is Faro. In former times, Algarve was its own kingdom, which has been invaded and fought over by the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Moors. The southwestern part of Algarve, especially the town of Sagres, has been the base for the explorations during the 15th century when Henry the Navigator started from here to explore the world.

If you are planning to visit Algarve you may be interested in having a quick look at the photos of Algarve. Click on the links below to view the pictures. We have taken any attempt to provide exact (GPS-based) coordinates of the positions where the photos have been taken. You may also want to have a look at the factbook for further information on the Algarve and on Portugal as a whole.

Here you see the Algarve from space. Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.

Cliffs near Carvoeiro  |  Castle of Ferragudo  |  Ferragudo  |  Caldas de Monchique  |  The Historic Center of Silves  |  Cows Grazing in the Southeastern Corner of Algarve  |  Cliffs near Torre d'Aspa  |  Surroundings of Praia do Amado  |  Praia do Amado  |  Cliffs of Carrapateira  |  Small Lake with Praia da Bordeira in the Background  |  Barragem da Bravura  |  Burgau  |  Praia da Luz  |  Ponta da Piedade  |  Ponta da Piedade  |  Lighthouse at Cabo Carvoeiro  |  Carvoeiro  |  Cliffs at Vale da Lapa  |  Cave in Cliffs at Vale da Lapa  |  Portimao seen from the Harbor Entrance  |  Ferragudo seen from the Harbor of Portimao  |  Cliffs at Algar Seco  |  Praia de Caneiros  |  Praia da Gale  |  Lighthouse at Cabo de Sao Vincente  |  The West Coast of Portugal seen from Cabo de Sao Vincente  |  The Fortress of Sagres  |  Beliche Seen from Sagres  |  Praia da Ingrina  |  Housing Estate near Lagos  |  Praia da Batata  |  Church of Alvor  |  Baia de Lagos with Serra Monchique in the Background  |  Entrance of the Town Wall of Lagos  |  Lagos - Santo Antonio  |  Tower of Santa Maria do Castelo  |  Igreja Matriz de Santiago  |  Rio Gilao in Tavira  |  Palacio de Estoi  |  Praia da Marinha  |  Market Square of Vila Real  |  Storks near Vila Real  |  Castro Marim  |  Rio Guadiana  |  Cork-Oak  |  Church of Alcoutim  |  Sanlucar de Guadiana seen from Alcoutim  |  Barragem de Odeleite