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How to contribute?

Of course, we cannot make photos of the entire globe by ourselves. We don't have the time, nor do we have the funds (;-( to travel all over the world and collect the photos we need. Thus we need your help.

What are your benefits?

As the whole site is non-commercial and is intended to serve educational purposes, your benefits are non-financial. Your benefits come from the fact that you have contributed to a fine project which serves the public. Don't forget that there are millions of people who are not able to travel - they will be grateful for your contribution. As a small acknowledgement of your efforts to contribute, we offer you to create a single "author's page" where you can describe your own activities and link to any Web site you want (except for Web pages offering pornographic material, glorifying violence or offering nazi propaganda).

How are the photos selected?

The photos are selected by our team according to various criteria, such as quality, contents, duplicate entries, etc. We keep the right to select photos in order to keep the level of the PhotoGlobe as high as possible. This right includes the right to replace one or more of your photos by better photos of another contributor.

What are the prerequisites?

In order to minimize our workload we set up strict formal prerequisites. The following items are required for submission:

  • The photo itself, at a minimum resolution of 1600x1280 pixels and 16 million colors (using jpg file format, any other file formats such as tif, png, gif, bmp, etc. are not accepted)
  • The title of the photo.
  • The name of the author.
  • The date and time when the photo has been taken.
  • The position of the photo measured by a GPS (global positioning system) using WGS84 coordinates.
  • A short description (minimum 100 characters, maximum 1000 characters) of the contents of the photo.
  • Keywords describing the contents of the photo
Please do not submit photos showing personal details ("this picture shows me and my cat in New York") - always keep in mind that visitors of this Web site are primarily interested in geographic locations.

How to submit photos?

The software for automated submission of photos is not yet available. Until then we kindly ask you to submit your photos by filling in a Web based form for each photo.

How many photos can I submit?

We accept any number between 10 and 50 photos per region or topic. The restrictions are guided by two considerations: (1) the lower limit is given by consistency issues, the upper limit comes from the fact that only about 10% of all photos taken during a journey are of high quality. We want to receive only the best of your photos and we want to receive photos which concentrate on a certain region.

What do you do with my photos, why do you require higher resolution than displayed on the Web site?

We do nothing but to prepare your photos for publication on the Web site (that is, we scale the photos to 640x480 and create the copyright imprints). The requirement of a higher resolution is to have some kind of "processing reserves" in the case we change the layout of the Web site in the future, or if the photo has to be corrected (sharpness, colos, etc.).

Can I send you color prints?

No. We accept photos solely in electronic form (either scanned or from a digital camera). Please mind the resolution requirements (1600x1280 minimum).

What about copyrights?

When submitting material you declare that you are the owner of the copyright of the photos and the texts submitted. And you give us (the PhotoGlobe team) the non exclusive but unlimited right to publish the submitted material on our Web site ( or on CDROM. Of course, we'll imprint your photos with a copyright remark saying "(c) YEAR, YOUR NAME,". Please click here in order to see an example.