From Marrakech into the Desert - Morocco 

Morocco is a country in the northwest of Africa with a population of 34 million, comparable in size to Iraq or California. The Atlas Mountain Range, running from the north east to the south west, forms the backbone of the country. The region south east of the Atlas Mountains belongs to the Sahara Desert. We set out from Marrakech driving through the Atlas mountains into the desert. Near the Algerian border we started our 5-day hiking tour through the desert where most of the photos originate from.

If you are planning to visit the south east of Morocco you may be interested in having a quick look at these photos. Click on the links below to view the pictures. We have taken any attempt to provide exact (GPS-based) coordinates of the positions where the photos have been taken.

Here you see a relief map of central Morocco and Western Algeria. Image courtesy of Maps for Free.
Rahba Kedima in Marrakech
Carpet Trader in Marrakech
Spice Trader in Marrakech
The Tower of a Mosque seen from a Roof Terrace
Badii Palace in Marrakech
The Road from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains
High Atlas south of Tizi-n-Tichka
In the Atlas Mountains
Village in the Atlas Mountains
Erg el M'hazil
At the Border to Algeria
Sand Dune
Jbel Bani
Border between Morocco and Algeria
Dry River Bed
Sand Dunes
Camp in the Desert
Dromedaries in the Desert
Tamarisks in an Oasis
Dunes in the Evening Sun
Sand Dunes in the Morning Sun
Huge Sand Dune
Huge Sand Dune
Tomb of Sidi Naji
Camp in the Desert
Oasis near Mhamid