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Rome / Italy
Latitude: 41.889969
Longitude: 12.492983
14 Oct 2006 - PhotoGlobe Web Site with new layout.

The PhotoGlobe site offers improved usability and more information. Apart from a concise summary of all countries of the world PhotoGlobe now provides satellite images, additional maps, and links to related Web sites.
05 Oct 2006 - Many new satellite images available.

We think that satellite images bring an improved understanding of geography and earth sciences in general. Thanks to the information policy of NASA there are 100000s of photos available for free. We pick the best of them and make them available along with ground photos, maps and basic country data.
23 Sep 2006 - New photo album of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is well known, not only for its low prices of spirits and tobacco goods, but also for its role in past wars and the fact that is houses the only free living monkeys in Europe.

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